From somebody's trash to my treasure. I like to re-style & re-create what was once a cast off. Isn't that what Jesus does with us?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

God Jul!

Happy Holidays, my friends!

We have not been experiencing our typical Thanksgiving/Christmas weather here -- it's usually much colder and we are in full winter gear. But not this year!! And I am so thankful! 
It made for nice weather as we went Sunday after church and picked out our Christmas tree.
And of course I love capturing all the pictures!

We are clowns. Every one of us. My girls ran among the trees chasing each other while my husband flexed his muscles and prepared to show off as he cut down our tree.
Happy Holiday Preparation friends! I'll be back with some more Christmas pictures and a find that I am hugely grateful for. Can't wait for you to see it. AND IT WAS FREE!
Christmas Blessings!


Monday, November 9, 2015

The First Gift

Happy Fall, Ya'll!  
I've been wanting to say that. Hee hee  
My house is so full of warm, apple fragrances. We were so blessed to go apple gleaning last weekend with our church Sunday School class. It was a blast. We could pick all the fuji's from the ground we wanted for as long as we could. My family and I went for about three hours and goodness knows how many apples we got!  
PLENTY!  With lots to share!

  My neighbor is so funny. We invited him over after our first gleaning session a couple years ago and now every year he looks forward to us giving him bags of apples. He makes apple pie filling and cans it. I haven't tried that yet. My specialty is apple dumplings and apple sauce. It all goes very quickly here! What's your favorite apple treat?
My husband loves home made apple pies with crumb toppings. I must say I am getting better with my crusts the more I try them. Dough and I just do not get along! HA!
Speaking of Fall, you know Thanksgiving is just around the corner!
Love all that yummy baked turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes. Oh Yum!! Do you have Thanksgiving at your house or somewhere else? I love hearing about people's Thankgsgiving traditions. We usually take a hike after the meal.

And of course after Thanksgiving is Christmas!
Like how I worked that in so smooth-like? hee hee  
Not to brag or anything (hee hee) but I already got my first gift of the season! Do you see it up there in that picture? 
The galvanized cup and saucer stand was at a local antique mall and I spotted it and instantly loved it. 
My sister surprised me by offering to pitch in over  half the cost for my Christmas gift. 
I was so thrilled. I've been moving it all over the dining room and kitchen. First on my blue dresser called "Cecelia" and then to the kitchen counter. Finally its landed on my buffet in the dining room. 
For how long though, I don't know. Once I find the perfect spot, then it will stay.  
But not until then. (smile)

No worries, though. I won't leave you hanging. (bigger smile) 
Enjoy the season! 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Really Enjoying Fall

Hello Dear Friends --
So glad you stopped by! I don't tell you that enough, I know. Welcome! 
I have really been enjoying Central PA's Autumn weather. Today it was in the high 40's with bright, welcoming sun. I ran out into it like a kid. 
Wonderful, Wonderful sunshine! It's good for the soul!
I love bringing branches of Autumn's golds, reds and yellows into the house. Have you been decorating for the Fall season?

My sister treated my husband and I to a night out. She took the girls for a slumber party and I haven't seen them yet. Every mom needs that refreshing break from time to time. Thanks Tina!
We had so much fun taking a night hike on the Appalachian Trail and eating appetizers at Chili's. YUM!
We always pray that we'll see some wildlife on our night hikes! (Yes, we've taken them many times. Weekly in fact) While my husband it praying out loud to see some wildlife -- ANY -- wildlife, I'm praying silently, no bears please!! HA.  He doesn't know that about me. Please don't tell him. HA!
Last night we saw a young racoon climbing a tree. While we shined our flashlights on him, he stopped for a good five minutes and peaked around the tree trunk to watch us. He was absolutely adorable!
He reminded us both of a little koala bear. 

So I guess the world is gearing up for the approaching holidays. In my free time I ran out to TJ MAXX this afternoon and it was CROWDED! Really crowded!  I am not ready for filled parking lots, and crowded stores. I'm still enjoying this warm Fall, people!

Hope this Fall season finds you hopeful and cozy by a fire!